"Who said nights were for sleep?" -Marilyn M.

Hellurs! I'm Van. My Prince Charming: Chimdi Edgar Okorie <3
"If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."- Marilyn M.

First two days of college..

This college shit is helluh cool. It really makes you take care of yourself, on your own. It teaches you independence and how to use your freedom that will benefit you. BUT shiiiiet, all the books are so dang expensive, I don’t even know if I wanna go to school anymore. Lmao fuck that. But then this is such a good experience. It’s totally, completely new and it really teaches you that the decisions YOU make will definitely have an impact later on. but dun dun dun. I gotta survive this shit. lol

I’m really not feeling this whole “fun college experience” thing because of my roommates… 

My boyfriend finally agreed to me getting my tattoo like a few months ago, but his ass has been putting off the idea. UGH. I’ll go with a friend of mine then! :P Then after this first one, I’mm convince him to let me get a 2nd one. :D It’s respectful to have his agreement on it because even though it is MY body, MY decision in the end, it’s good to not do it without him agreeing on it because it’ll just cause arguments and sadness and it’s just not something you do when you are in a relationship. 

It’s nothing big. I have 3 days to hang around including today, AND I HAVE NOT PACKED A THING FOR COLLEGE! -____- LOL, procrastination to the max. I swear, it’s like I don’t take shit seriously. I don’t remember the last thing I took super seriously. I really don’t. I partly blame my boyfriend because he just has to be so damn smart and awesome, he reassure me things will be great in our futures and you know make me RELAX. I don’t work RELAXED. I need to get my ass all scared and stuff in order to take things seriously. Lol and what sucks is I don’t give a shit about paper works, school or government shit, because I JUST don’t want to deal with them so I just kinda put them aside. ahahaha, baaaad. I need to get my head screwed on right if I want to survive in college and continue the path that I want to travel on. OR ELSE. Man, I really think I need something scary to give me a bump head start or I’ll just not learn anything about putting things off… Okay, now I’m scared for college. 

I am fucking leaving for college in 6 days. I am honestly not really looking forward to meeting my roommates because they aren’t really what I look for in a roommate, but then who knows? They may not be who they sound like in texts…hopefully. I am not even looking forward to college, I have no damn idea WHY. It’s like I need to make myself get excited because I feel like it REALLY won’t be fun if I’m not excited for it. EFF ME.

I’m going to definitely miss my baby boy, but we’ll (I hope) get to see each other once a week or every 2 weeks. Even if it’s longer than that, it’s fine. It has happened before where we didn’t get to see each other for almost like 4 months or something, it was fucking RIDICULOUS. And he lives near the damn school. But I understood that he and I both were so freaking busy, so it was okay. College isn’t going to change a damn thang. We are really not scared of “something happening” because we know our love for each other and how much we mean to each other. 

All I want right now is to get all of my college lil needs, HOPEFUL-EFFING-LY my roommates are MUCH cooler than I thought they are. That’s reeally what I would love when I go to college. LOL

Other needed/wanted things: spend a lovely day with my sweetheart, hopefully he can help me move because I really want him to, but if my parents see a black guy driving my ass to school, they are definitely not letting me leave the house, shop a bit more for the cutie so he has some winter clothes, discipline my ass to STOP doing online shopping when I am broke as hell, stop envying others, stop doing lots of shit and start being positive for my sake and Chimdi’s sakes. Lol God, that guy has definitely been the greatest to me. Man, I don’t know what I did to deserve this great guy who loves me no matter freaking what. It’s craaaaaay cray sometimes. =) Right now I’m just kind of blabbering out random shit. But Ioncuuuur.

I’m kind of excited for college now that I’m talking about it. Omg, my roommates better be coooo. or I’ll just distant myself. lol